Our Grand Plan

This is a call to action for your support.  We are currently laying the foundation stones for an extraordinary company and you are our only hope to succeed.  Sure, you may not know us from a hole in the ground, but this article is here to explain what our long-term goals are and why we started Derpy Games.


In 2013, we raised ~$16k on Kickstarter and personally invested about $15k to roll out our first tile.  It was an incredible experience.  We met almost 3000 people face to face, and played our first game with them.  It left us in a unique position to explore the game industry, and build Derpy Games from the ground up with fan input.  It was a humbling experience, and our fans encouraged continue carrying our torch and ignite it to become brighter and stronger in the future.   

Now we have our first product, and we've finally figured out what to do with it.  Our situation isn't a natural solution for other companies, but it allows us to take personal risks and reward our fans.  Running Derpy Games is a labor of love.  We haven't taken a dime from the company, and consistently reinvest every penny into developing our current and future products.  We would love this to be a full-time job for us in the future, but we know that we need to prove ourselves to the world first.  With your support we can show that we are worthy to be one of the most epic start ups of all time. 

Our goals of releasing NanoBot Battle Arena:

  • Become known for high-quality games
  • Make a dual company that creates board games and video games
  • Get to know people, and make new friends
  • Build partnerships and mentorships with more established companies
  • Earn trust through hardwork
  • Generate captial for our future projects
  • Build a larger inventory for our released games

There are some exciting things on the horizon, and now we have some of the capital needed to create them.  However, Derpy Games is still a growing sapling.  It certainly takes a village to help a company grow.  

If you love our company's work, please help us by sharing and above all buying our products.  Buying a game will sustain our growing company, and maybe one day will turn into a job for us.  We love making games for you.  Please help turn our dream into a reality.


Thank you and wagooo,

Benji Michalek